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Within HelpMeStock

We completed several services to our portfolio and initiate a significant improvement and operational changes to our customers :


+200% Bonded Warehousing Capacity

We involved new bonded warehousing partners to increase our capacity by 200% in UK territory. We covered also different cross docking partners, allowing to our customers to store more easily their freight, to load and unload lorries quickly and safely, and to provide additional space to drop trailers in the event of port congestion.

+130% in Customs Clearance Capabilities

Our main partners involved have a customs clearance team onsite to meet the increased demand post Brexit. Our network is able to provide EDI solutions through Helpmestock platform, then mirroring service UK <> UE.


100% Excellence in Compliance

We continue to look for a highly network operating into ISO 9000, GDP (Good Distribution Practice), IATA, and IIFF standards, and most importantly Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status. All that to allow our customers special preferences in the areas of custom clearance and the transit of goods under bond across Europe or third countries.