Pourquoi le Dropshipping ?

The Dropshipping business continues to gain popularity around the world as it allows e-merchants to shift the burden and cost of "fulfillment" to their supplier. In addition, it mainly allows these e-merchants to offer and sell many more products, without any limit on storage and preparation.

Shipping and ensuring the logistics on behalf of an e-merchant is not an easy thing, because the orders must represent well the values ​​and the promises communicated by these e-merchants. Therefore, the activity is structured with clear and strict instructions including the conditions of shipment including packaging, speed, shipping service and finally, real-time information, which allows them to communicate transparent way with their client.

How Helpmestock ensures Dropshipping for its customers?

Drop shipping orders start with an order flow, usually via EDI / API or through the online e-commerce portal. When the order is transmitted to Helpmestock, our system identifies it as a DropShipping "X" order for our customer "Y", who then controls how the order will be processed, including how fast the order should be shipped. , the packaging to be used and any other customer specific guidelines that must be followed.

An e-merchant brand packing label is printed (usually pre-approved) along with a customer-specific shipping label. Information is immediately transmitted to the e-merchant, including what has been shipped, tracking and updating of available inventory quantities that the retailer can continue sell.

Returns are just as important for success in dropshipping. When order items are returned to Helpmestock's warehouse, we process the return promptly and collect all information required by the e-merchant, including item status and reasons. This information is then automatically transmitted to our client.