E-Commerce Fulfillment

Why is “fulfillment” becoming so important?

25% of buyers abandon their online order due to unpexcted shipping charges added to the order right before payment. 74% of online shoppers say free shipping is one of the most important factors when paying. These figures show the importance of fulfillment in order to reduce shipping costs or make them completely free.

You get it, logistics is one of the cornerstones of online commerce. Poor management has a direct impact on the perception of your brand. As most e-merchants wish to focus on their core business (sale, purchase, product), it is therefore important to prioritize the outsourcing of your logistics to save time and to save uncontrolled and unnecessary expenses.

What is a successful "fulfillment" process for your e-commerce business?

 1. Integration of your e-commerce platform into your partner's system.

2. Reception and verification of your inventory in one of your partner's warehouse and synchronization in the Warehouse Management System.

3. Orders Transmission, preparation, packaging and shipment of product to the customer.

4.  Your product is selected, packaged and handled by the carrier.

Why is Helpmestock a major player in the e-commerce market?

Few players cover the largest European cities and provide an end-to-end service like Helpmestock does. Our e-commerce Fulfillment solutions guarantee both:


The tailor-made IT connections (API / EDI) required between the different operating systems and marketplaces.


Access to a large network of warehouses across Europe with pick & pack and returns management services.


A wide range of different shipping options with negotiated rates.

With more than 10,000m2 of warehouse spaces dedicated to e-commerce in major European cities, Helpmestock is able to manage large inventories with the required flexibility to adapt to seasonal fluctuations.

We can securely process orders in real time directly from your website. Order tracking is easy with our online inventory management system.

You will also benefit from the highest level of customer service and the best negotiated shipping rates available from major carriers companies. The management of returns can also be guaranteed by Helpmestock while controlling the quality.