e-Commerce Integration

The technology used in your ecommerce platform can have a huge impact on your shipping strategy, from your shopping cart software to whatever APIs you use. Making sure these systems integrate seamlessly with each other is crucial. Let's start with some important points to better understand existing e-commerce integrations, and related services.

What is a shipping API connection?

Shipping APIs give e-commerce businesses the ability to integrate shipping functionality directly into their online stores, helping to streamline the checkout and order fulfillment process.

These connections facilitate the integration of multiple shipping services into your business systems, your online store, or even your order management system, often without conditions or commitments.

Helpmestock's contribution is mainly to help you automating and centralizing the selection of shipping offers and bring you a set of partner carriers in a single module.

What are the most common connections at Helpmestock?

1. Shopify Shipping

Those who use Shopify have a variety of shipping options, (including Shopify), shipping apps like Helpmestock with own warehouses as well as a partner network. Helpmestock's technology integrates directly with Shopify to automatically process orders as customers place them.

Several Helpmestock shipping offers allow e-merchants using Shopify to offer guaranteed same-day, or within 2-day, shipping to eligible shipping destinations. The customer's zip code is validated at checkout to determine if the order is eligible for a same day shipping option based on the availability of the items ordered at a nearby Helpmestock Fulfillment center.

Many of our customers in Paris and London area use this service because same day delivery has been proven to help reduce cart abandonment and increase average order volume in Shopify stores.

2. WooCommerce Shipping

Like Shopify, e-merchants using WooCommerce have several shipping options, including partnering with a 3PL. With Helpmestock, merchants can connect their WooCommerce store in minutes, store inventory and ship orders from major European cities, automate shipping, and push order tracking information to customers.

Now that you are equipped with the tools you need to craft an ecommerce shipping strategy that's right for your business, consider incorporating Helpmestock into that strategy.

Why is it essential to have only one source of truth to follow the situation of your logistics, end to end?

Many companies, and especially e-Commerce, try to set up interfaces with different stakeholders; not only in terms of transport but also in terms of order management, storage, inventory, etc. Except, it has been proven that this technical work can be expensive in terms of resources and time.

For this reason, Helpmestock has decided to promote and position itself as an entry point to offer only one place and one solution for all the logistical needs of our customers.

Helpmestock, through its platform, ensures all the necessary integrations, and systematically gives companies the possibility of:

Seamlessly integrate products and orders directly from an online store.

Manage and modify the situation of the inventory details (product and orders)

Finalization and shipment of orders directly from the platform (no additional work is required)

Receive real-time updates.

What are the possible integrations with Helpmestock?

Helpmestock APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate inventory and shipping data into your online store, deliver reliable, real-time data to your customers and employees, and sell your products in marketplaces. that your customers are buying from.

Possible integrations related to the shopping cart: