Reverse logistics

What are the solutions for reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is a critical feature, but often overlooked, of every supply chain. Having products repaired or restocked is a necessary step to maintain your inventory balance and maintain the positivity of your customer relationships. When the wrong product or an incomplete package is shipped, or the product is damaged, you need to get it back into the supply chain. The reverse logistics then comes into play.

By working with partners, such as Helpmestock, to manage your reverse logistics, you will benefit from full support with returns management, inventory control and repackaging.

Why outsource your management of returns?

Reverse logistics or returns management is quite complex and the experience has a significant impact on its success. Outsourcing this essential service to eCommerce businesses is perhaps the easiest way to ensure peak efficiency and continued accuracy, and it pays off quite well in the long run. Some reasons for outsourcing this part of your logistics are:

Fewer employees are needed to meet this type of handling.

Access to a larger and faster shipping network speeds up returns and replacement shipments.

Automation and advanced technology allow these 3PL providers to organize, manage and track logistics much more efficiently.

And above all a guarantee to maintain a strong relationship with your customers by creating a positive customer / brand experience.

Why is Helpmestock your ideal partner for reverse logistics and returns management?

Helpmestock has been active in the storage and e-Commerce fulfillment for several years. Many online shops across Europe have trusted us because:

Several fulfillment centers strategically located in Europe for increased shipping speed and efficiency.

Our network is able to handle urgent and accelerated orders and returns.

All returned products are subject to extensive quality control prior to re-entry into the supply chain.

99.7% of inventory control, consolidation and reconditioning carried out were approved and exceeded the goals pre-determined by our customers.

A range of services associated with the management of returns, going from refurbishment to the management of spare parts, including recycling, waste management or even warranty management.

An agile team and a flexible technological solution that can easily be interfaced with other WMS and TMS on the market. Without doubt, with a barcode labeling system that provides precise, real-time tracking and visibility with automated order status updates.