Shipping Orders

What are the main things to take into account when making your choice of delivery service?

Weight: Generally, a national postal service with flat rates for small businesses is fine for products that don't weigh too much. On the other hand, private and multinational carriers may be better for packages that are a little larger. Make sure insurance is included or not, especially if you have fragile items.

Delivery times : You can make it clear to your customers what to expect when shipping multiple products: whether they will arrive together or if they can be shipped separately as an option; evaluate which is the most economical and which option the customer reacts best to.

Packaging : Today's buyers increasingly appreciate sustainable packaging solutions. Make sure the packaging is made from recyclable material, easy to open and the right size to fit the item.

Return: Indicate in your shipping policy if the customer prepares and pays for returns, or if you provide the services of a printable return label and collection by a pre-defined carrier. If you choose the second option, use a supplier who will guarantee that the package is collected in good condition and will meet the deadlines you have specified to the customer.

Express / Fast Delivery : Expensive, yes, but more and more customers are choosing next day or same day service. If you offer this, list the full price charged by your logistics service provider. Many e-commerce courier services include special programs and tours for express shipments.

This list is not exhaustive and the choice will depend on the specificities of each company. This is the reason why Helpmestock is committed to supporting you in this process, also ensures you that your products can be delivered on time, respecting all the criteria and predefined constraints, without breaking the bank. Helpmestock offers worldwide parcel and courier shipping services that are both economical (solutions for all budgets and delivery options) and traceable (anytime, anywhere) every step of the way.