Temporary Warehouse Solution

Why a temporary warehousing solution ? 

The first reason that pushes manufacturers and merchants to outsource their logistics systems is cost reduction. Renting a warehouse can be very expensive, especially if the warehouse is only used a few months in the year. By outsourcing its freight, raw materials or finished products, that is to say by choosing to store with an external service provider, various advantages appear: the storage location is rented per m2, on the dates chosen and various options are generally available; like international shipping, local transport, handling, inventory management, etc.

Temporary outsourcing solution is essential as well when the compagnies are looking to move, to change building, or even in case of change in its strategy or evolution involving the mixing of additional products.

What is the role of the external logistic provider ?

The external LSP will take in charge of the storage operations and define his responsibilities based on detailed specifications. Thus, flow management will be organized according to a pre defined schedule. Supply management and the entire supply chain will be greatly facilitated.

How to consult these specifications with Helpmestock? Our partner usually offers an online reading before signing the storage contract.

Why going through an intermediary ? 

By going through a seasoned intermediary, e-commerce and industrial managers save time and more simply plan their temporary outsourcing since the many service providers part of our network can indicate their availability in real time. You can manage your logistics flows with confidence and by relying on the experience of professionals who have been practicing this job for many years.

In which areas can you rent a warehouse for a few days, weeks or months?

The Helpmestock warehouse network extends across all European regions and around the world, particularly in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. The goods can therefore be shipped and then stored for a specific time on a secure site before being delivered. More than 650 warehouses are listed and all are accessible online. Helpmestock allows all employees of the same company to use a single tool, so as to standardize tasks and make operational processes automatic.